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CSGO: External TriggerBot | Python

So, as I have very little knowledge in C++, or C, I decided to try and see if Python was able to read and write memory like C does, found out it is possible. Here is the source for a simple TriggerBot in Python3.

import keyboard
import pymem
import pymem.process
import time

# Offsets 01/17/18
dwLocalPlayer = (0xA9D0DC)
dwForceAttack = (0x2EBC23C)
m_iCrosshairId = (0xB2A4)
trigger_key = "p" # Aim key, while pressed, triggerbot is activated.

pm = pymem.Pymem("csgo.exe")

def main():
print("TriggerBot is enabled. Your trigger key is: {}.".format(trigger_key))

client = pymem.process.module_from_name(pm.process_id, "client.dll")
player = client.base_address + dwLocalPlayer
in_crosshair = pm.read_int(player) + m_iCrosshairId
force_attack = client.base_address + dwForceAttack

while True:
r = pm.read_int(in_crosshair)

if keyboard.is_pressed(trigger_key):
if r > 0 and r <= 64: pm.write_int(force_attack, 5) time.sleep(0.01) pm.write_int(force_attack, 4) if __name__ == '__main__': main()

Requirements :

This is probably detected, only releasing for reference, if someone is trying to mess around with Python. No instructions either because it's not meant to be used like this.


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