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CSGO: Issue with Vector3 class


I am currently working on an external SDK and I pasted a vector3 class from a source I was looking at which pasted it from another source and so on. While creating functions for reading various client and entity offsets I ran into a problem with it. In my Client class creating a member of type Vector3 works fine but in my Entity class Vector3 members cause multiple errors while compiling.

Entity Class/Header

#pragma once
#include "Includes.h"
#ifndef _H_ENTITY_
#define _H_ENTITY_

class Entity
Entity() {}
~Entity() {}

int fFlag();
int ShotsFired();
int Health();
int Team();
int CrosshairID();
int LifeState();
int ModelIndex();
int ClassID();
int Armor();
int Index();
int GlowIndex();
int Tick();

Vector3 Position();
Vector3 ViewOrigin();
Vector3 EyePosition();
Vector3 BonePosition(int ID);
Vector3 Velocity();
Vector3 Punch();

bool IsBombDefused();
bool IsInBuyZone();
bool IsScopped();
bool IsSpotted();
bool IsDefusing();
bool IsDormant();
bool IsImune();
bool IsValid();

float BombTime();
float DefuseTime();
float FlashDuration();
std::string Rank();
std::string Name();
extern Entity* pEntity;
#endif // !_H_ENTITY

Client Class/Header
#pragma once
#include "Includes.h"
#ifndef _H_CLIENT_
#define _H_CLIENT_

class Client
Client() { }
~Client(){ }

static DWORD GetLocalPlayer();
static DWORD GetEntityById(int ID);
static DWORD GetEngineBase();
static DWORD GetGlowPointer();
static DWORD GetRadarBase();
static DWORD GetClientResource();

static Vector3 GetViewAngle();
static Matrix4x4 GetViewMatrix();

//static int GetGameState();

//static float GetIntervalPerTick();
static float GetSensitivity();

static bool IsMouseEnabled();

DWORD Client_dll;
DWORD Engine_dll;

bool Jump();
bool StopJump();
bool Shoot();
bool StopShoot();

//Vector3 Position();
//Vector3 ViewOrigin();
//Vector3 EyePosition();
//Vector3 BonePosition(int ID);
//Vector3 Velocity();
//Vector3 Punch();
extern Client* pClient;
#endif // !_H_CLIENT

I tried the Vector3 members at the bottom of the Client header to see if they would cause the same problems they were causing in the Entity header but the program compiled smoothly so I’m kind of confused. I can post my Vector3 class but I don’t feel like that’s the problem since everything works in the Client class.

The errors I get are:
C3646: : unknown override specifier * 3 for each variable name
C2059: syntax error: ‘(‘
C2238: unexpected token preceding ‘;’



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