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Ultra Core Protector - is the client-server anti-cheat freeware, for server protection from unscrupulous players.

Abilities Supported games  
Condition Zero
Counter-Strike 1.6
Day of Defeat
Adrenaline Gamer
Team Fortress Classic
Counter-Strike Source
MU Online
Ragnarok Online
Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
Adrenaline Gamer 2
Team Fortress 2
Ability to take screenshots from players
  • The ability to screen capture screenshots from players.
    The screenshots are taken directly through the game window, so the possibility of getting the picture of confidential data is excluded.
  • Images’ compression before sending to the server.
    Pictures are converted to JPG format before sending. This helps to reduce their size.
  • Automatically send images to the specified server.
    Screenshots are sent to the specified server for a given protocol. Currently, anti-cheat can work with FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) protocols.
  • Ability to view screenshots without leaving the game.
    Server administrators can view screenshots without leaving the game. Players’ screenshots are opened in a MOTD window in was executed (only works when transferring images via HTTP protocol).


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