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CSGO: Hitbox->bone for Legs and Arms are > 128

I ran into a extremely strange issues, and I asked my friends and they too are puzzled.

hitbox->bone is somehow returning very large numbers > 128 if it’s a Leg or Arm Hitbox ID.

Has anyone else ran into this issue before? If so, anything I may be doing wrong?

Below is the code I am using. Like I stated above, any arm hitbox id or leg will result in this large number.

auto setup_bones = [target](matrix3x4a_t* out, int max_bones, int bone_mask, float cur_time) -> bool
if (!target)
return false;

auto* renderable = reinterpret_cast((uintptr_t)target + 0x4);
if (!renderable)
return false;

using OriginalFn = bool(__thiscall*)(void*, matrix3x4a_t*, int, int, float);
return get_vfunc(renderable, 13)(renderable, out, max_bones, bone_mask, cur_time);

matrix3x4a_t matrix[MAXSTUDIOBONES];
if (setup_bones(matrix, MAXSTUDIOBONES, BONE_USED_BY_HITBOX, interfaces->get_global_vars()->curtime))
auto model = target->GetModel();
if (!model)
return false;

auto hdr = interfaces->get_model_info_client()->GetStudioModel(model);
if (!hdr)
return false;

auto hitbox_set = player_manager->get_hitbox_set(target);
if (hitbox_set == -1)
return false;

auto set = hdr->pHitboxSet(hitbox_set);
if (!set)
return false;

auto hitbox = set->pHitbox(i);
if (!hitbox)
return false;

auto mins = Vector(), maxs = Vector();

VectorTransform(hitbox->bbmin, matrix[hitbox->bone], mins);
VectorTransform(hitbox->bbmax, matrix[hitbox->bone], maxs);

All structs used are directly from the SDK, and are updated to my knowledge.

Please let me know if you need me to provide any further information or code snippets, I will be glad to.

Thank you


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