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Ultra Core Protector - is the client-server anti-cheat freeware, for server protection from unscrupulous players.

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Custom hitbox aimspot (non-center one)

Im struggling with problem of setting aimspot of hitbox capsule I can only aim at center right now.. Want to adjust it by Z and XY values

here is my code:

Vector CRageBot::GetHitboxPosition(Entity* pEntity, int iHitbox)
matrix3x4 matrix[128];

if (pEntity->SetupBones(matrix, 128, 0x100, 0.f))
studiohdr_t* hdr = model->GetStudiomodel(pEntity->GetModel());
mstudiohitboxset_t* set = hdr->GetHitboxSet(0);

mstudiobbox_t* hitbox = set->GetHitbox(iHitbox);

if (hitbox)
float r = hitbox->radius;
Vector bbmin = hitbox->bbmin;
Vector bbmax = hitbox->bbmax;

Vector vMin, vMax, vCenter, sCenter;
VectorTransform(bbmin, matrix[hitbox->bone], vMin);
VectorTransform(bbmax, matrix[hitbox->bone], vMax);

if (r != -1.f)
vMin -= r;
vMax += r;

return vCenter = Vector((vMin.x + vMax.x) * ((double)cvars->ragebot_aim_hitbox_offset_xy / 10.0)),
(vMin.y + vMax.y) * ((double)cvars->ragebot_aim_hitbox_offset_xy / 10.0)),
(vMin.z + vMax.z) * ((double)cvars->ragebot_aim_hitbox_offset_z / 10.0));

and whenever Im setting my values to other than 0.5 aimbot is going crazy and is shooting in the air? How to aim for example at left-bottom side of hitbox?


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