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CSGO: Drawing Money on scoreboard

I found code and slightly edited it for my phook godlike paste. basically, i want to draw enemy team money when i press tab. My code does nothing. Any ideas why it is not working?

P.s This is not a rage feature, but a legit.

Here is my code

void misc::MoneyReveal(CInput::CUserCmd* cmd, C_BaseEntity *local)
//if (GetAsyncKeyState(VK_TAB)) {
if (cmd->buttons & IN_SCORE && g_Options.Misc.MoneyReveal) {
static int y = 350;

for (int i = 1; i <= 64; i++) { C_BaseEntity *pEntity = g_EntityList->GetClientEntity(i);

player_info_t Info;

if (!g_Engine->GetPlayerInfo(i, &Info))

if (pEntity == nullptr || Info.fakeplayer)

if (pEntity->GetTeamNum() == local->GetTeamNum())

if (local->GetTeamNum() == TEAM_CS_T) {
// 1030, 354 when localp is on t side.
//g_Render->DrawString2(1030, y, Color::Blue(), ALIGN_RIGHT, "$%i", pEntity->GetMoney());
g_Render->DrawString2(g_Render->font.Money, 1030, y, Color::Red(), FONT_CENTER, "$%i", pEntity->GetMoney());

else if (local->GetTeamNum() == TEAM_CS_CT) {
// 1030, 604 when localp is on ct side.
g_Render->DrawString2(g_Render->font.Money, 1030, y + 250, Color::Red(), FONT_RIGHT, "$%i", pEntity->GetMoney());


y += 28;
y = 350;

void MoneyReveal(CInput::CUserCmd* cmd, C_BaseEntity *local);

also, not quite sure but i am calling from misc CreateMove
if (g_Options.Misc.MoneyReveal)
MoneyReveal(cmd, local);

Edit1: Not CreateMove.h. it is misc createmove. but it doesn’t really matter.


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