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Ultra Core Protector - is the client-server anti-cheat freeware, for server protection from unscrupulous players.

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HWID Spoofing/ Drive spoofing (Battleye)

So with battleye getting HWID bans a few months back i looked into a few methods to change serial numbers with hardware. These methods are pretty straight forward so this isnt going to be long

1) WD 2.5Inch hdds [i dont recommend this so im not going into detail]

Certain WD drives maybe some Hitachi ones too (due to the type of method) could be loaded up with new firmware, this was primarily used in the Xbox 360 community to get a larger drive without paying the xbox tax.

You need HDDHackr, MS-DOS (usb flash drive), Bios to be in IDE mode (just for dos)

**HDD must be connected by sata**

then get either an undo.bin (you can try dumping from the program but it didnt work for me) for your exact drive or an HDDSS.bin

once you have that go into Hex workshop or whatever you want to use to edit it and change the serial number.

create a msdos usb (freedos may work but might be buggy)

put hddhackr and the .bin file on the usb

start hddhackr in dos

use restore or flash to write to the hdd and youre done.

2) USB External docks.

yep, i shit you not. not sure why this hasnt been mentioned before. they work you just need one that has a SOIC8 chip on the board as this is what usually contains the hdd info.

novatech docking station. (they dont make these any more but they were just rebranded)

im yet to receive my chip reader/writer board but you should be able to just write to the chip with one. Battleye cant ban that serial number because let think about it there will be 100s of people running usb hdds

maybe they can detect it, in that case use method 1 as i cannot think of any way they could detect you ran a program out of your os and it would look like a normal drive with a normal serial and a normal manufacturer etc

rip hdd serial anti cheat detection.


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