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Ultra Core Protector - is the client-server anti-cheat freeware, for server protection from unscrupulous players.

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ESEA detection?



Today I try to write my own bypass for legit cheating in ESEA, and I’m totaly newbie but I have question:

I would like to know what ESEA can detect …
Here are my questions:
– Is the Write in the game via the Kernel safe ? (Exemple: radar, aimbot, ect…)
– Can ESEA detect overlay ? If so, what type (Exemple: Streamproof ESP)
– Does ESEA detect angle calculations ?
– Does ESEA detect mouse_event? If so, can I use SendMessageA for functions such as the triggerbot ?
– Does ESEA detect packers such as Themida, Enigma Protector, because I use Themida for virutalization is it a good idea ? (My school offer license Themida)
– Is it better to start the cheat before ESEA ? (Exemple: for get processID, and module base address)

And also I do C # in school, and we learn the “Windows Service”, I would like to know if via this there is way to bypass some AC via this. Because C ++ is not the language with which I I’m doing better, but I understand without much trouble.

Note: Sorry for my bad english, I’m french !

Cordially, a new guy who wants to learn.


esea detects/blocks all that and i’m pretty sure ESEA starts running before windows boots (at the very least, its always running after windows boots)

you know its the most advanced anti-cheat right? goodluck tho


Yes I know, but I have a friend who coded me 10 months ago a ring0 hack, and I played for 2 months without taking any ban. Only it is a driver for Windows x32 Bit unsigned (and I have a bit tired of having Dual Boot), and I do not know anything about the kernel land …
And my friend has been unreachable on Skype for some time … And I doubt that it is possible to launch a Driver x32 on a Windows x64 …

So I have sources of a driver that seems to be UD on ESEA … But I do not know anything when I try to change the Driver I often take blue screens … If one guys can help me to convert x32 to x64 and how launch unsigned Driver on x64 bit, I would be very grateful.

I’m totaly newbie in C++, I just learned a little basics in school, If you have links to learn how to code your own Kernel Driver … even though I do not think of myself alone succeeding in coding this, but I would at least try

Note: I’m really sorry if you no understand me, I’m stupid french ahah


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