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Ultra Core Protector - is the client-server anti-cheat freeware, for server protection from unscrupulous players.

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BE DLL Injection Questions

ARMA 3 BE DLL Injection

I want to create a simple ESP for ARMA 3 Exile and I know how easily they get detected when not done properly or when people are lazy enough to steal code from detected things so I am trying to create everything from scratch as from what I understand that is the best way to avoid bans. I am creating a new injector, driver, DLL, and script.

I started work on my own injector. I got the source of xenos and I am currently tearing it apart to figure out how exactly it works so I can recreate it. Then my next step is recreating the blackbone driver that xenos uses. My question now is since I’m trying to recreate it, am I wasting my time? Because I think i read somewhere that the actual xenos injector is not detected at all and that it is the blackbone driver that will get me banned. Is that correct and if so should i just use the injector as is and recreate blackbone alone? (basically is it worth it to recreate xenos cause if thats still undetected will it ever be detected?)

Also, to make blackbone my own undetected driver would I just have to recode it but use the same method or find a whole new method for how the driver works?

Also, Ive seen the other popular injector Loadlibrayy and i was wondering if it would be better to try to use that to learn since its newer?

Also, and I swear this is my last noob question for now, if I do fully recreate an injector and use hacks that I coded completely on my own what chance do I have of eventually getting banned? and to avoid bans how often would I have to recreate it?

I aploagize for how nooby I am cause I am honestly making myself cringe with my own questions rn…


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