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Ultra Core Protector - is the client-server anti-cheat freeware, for server protection from unscrupulous players.

Abilities Supported games  
Condition Zero
Counter-Strike 1.6
Day of Defeat
Adrenaline Gamer
Team Fortress Classic
Counter-Strike Source
MU Online
Ragnarok Online
Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
Adrenaline Gamer 2
Team Fortress 2
Arma 2 Wallhack

Welcome! We have different hacks in stock now so grab one! All hacks are tested and working. In our previous downloads there were many people who complained about detected hacks – that’s the main reason why we have surveys on this website so we can be sure that all the hacks are limited to few people.

We guarantee that all hacks on the list below are working. Note: We have no responsibility if you got banned. We hope that you like our service so please share this website on youtube / twitter or any other known website.

This hack works on:

  • Arma 2
  • DayZ
  • DayZ Lingor island
  • And any other Arma 2 mod

Note: If all hacks are Unavailable, please check back in 20 minutes. Our website manager is updating the list every few seconds. After someone takes a hack it will be automatically marked as Unavailable.

So what are you waiting for? Check our list below and download your hack. Make sure you select a hack that’s Available.

Don’t wait till it’s too late. This is your last chance to spawn some vehicles or down some noobies.


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