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Ultra Core Protector - is the client-server anti-cheat freeware, for server protection from unscrupulous players.

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Anticheat blocking applications in VB.NET?

Greetings from Brazil, friends. I am facing some problems with a particular anticheat.

1 – Any application created in the VB.NET programming language it is “blocking” access to game memory.
2 – It injects a “protection” dll into the cheat process and this apparently prevents me from making any kind of change in the game (Read / Write)

In the old days we used ILProtector to protect our codes and so anticheat could not detect that the application was made in VB.NET and we could use it quietly. But now it does not work anymore, nor does it put the whole cheat “camouflaged” (Labels without suspicious names, etc).

In this case would I have to prevent anticheat inject this dll into my cheat program?
I have also been told that it is blocking applications in VB.NET, would I have to go to Delphi or C ++?

Some prints I took of anticheat and its “protection”:


svchost.exe is the name of my cheat process:


I think (not sure) that this DLL is hooking any “malicous” API calls (like OpenProcess, RPM etc.)
so it’s not going to work when you change the language. But you can check if it’s true, just try to open a Handle and try Read/Write (and if the DLL is injected again) in C++.

There are good sources for API Hooking (Kernel and Usermode)


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