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[C#] What is wrong with my glow

EDIT: Okay.. I restarted csgo and it worked.. wtf. Can be closed.

Have been searching for a while around the forums and through github to see where I am wrong. Can’t find the error, was hoping you guys could help me out.

My glow loop:

public bool Tick()
IntPtr GlowManager = memory.Read(memory.GetClientBase() + 0x4FA8050);

Entity[] list = updater.EntityList; //This is working fine, the issue is not in my EntityList
for (int i = 0; i < list.Length; i++) { if ((int) list[i].Base == 0 || list[i].GlowIndex == updater.Local.GlowIndex) //No extra checks simply to test if glow is working in the first place; which it isn't. continue; Memory memory = Memory.Instance(); memory.Write(1, GlowManager + list[i].GlowIndex * 0x38 + 0x4);
memory.Write(0, GlowManager + list[i].GlowIndex * 0x38 + 0x8);
memory.Write(0, GlowManager + list[i].GlowIndex * 0x38 + 0xC);
memory.Write(1, GlowManager + list[i].GlowIndex * 0x38 + 0x10);

memory.Write(true, GlowManager + list[i].GlowIndex * 0x38 + 0x24);
memory.Write(false, GlowManager + list[i].GlowIndex * 0x38 + 0x25);

return true;

Entity offsets:

public struct Entity
public IntPtr Base;

public int Team;

public int Health;

public int Flags;

public int GlowIndex;

public int Armour;

Might want to add that my Entity list is working fine as I can retrieve information such as all players’ health without any problems.


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