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Ultra Core Protector - is the client-server anti-cheat freeware, for server protection from unscrupulous players.

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CSGO: [External C#] Knife Changer Flickering

I made this knife changer today and it will not stop flickering. I’m trying to force update at the right time to get it to stick but it wont. I saw somebody make an external knife changer that still works so I thought I would give it a try.

here is my code:

int currentWeapon = Memory.ManageMemory.ReadMemory(GetLocalPlayer() + offsets.m_hMyWeapons + ((1 - 1) * 0x04));
int currentWeaponEntityID = (currentWeapon & 0xfff);

int weaponEntity = Memory.ManageMemory.ReadMemory(ClientDLL + offsets.dwEntityList + (currentWeaponEntityID - 1) * 0x10);

int accid = Memory.ManageMemory.ReadMemory(weaponEntity + offsets.m_OriginalOwnerXuidLow);

Memory.ManageMemory.WriteMemory(weaponEntity + offsets.m_nModelIndex, 388);
Memory.ManageMemory.WriteMemory(weaponEntity + offsets.m_iViewModelIndex, 388);
Memory.ManageMemory.WriteMemory(GetLocalPlayer() + offsets.m_iWorldModelIndex, 389);
Memory.ManageMemory.WriteMemory(weaponEntity + offsets.m_iItemDefinitionIndex, 507);

Memory.ManageMemory.WriteMemory(weaponEntity + offsets.m_iAccountID, accid);

Any help is appreciated!


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