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CSGO: External TriggerBot | Python

So, as I have very little knowledge in C++, or C, I decided to try and see if Python was able to read and write memory like C does, found out it is possible. Here is the source for a simple TriggerBot in Python3.

import keyboard
import pymem
import pymem.process
import time

# Offsets 01/17/18
dwLocalPlayer = (0xA9D0DC)
dwForceAttack = (0x2EBC23C)
m_iCrosshairId = (0xB2A4)
trigger_key = "p" # Aim key, while pressed, triggerbot is activated.

pm = pymem.Pymem("csgo.exe")

def main():
print("TriggerBot is enabled. Your trigger key is: {}.".format(trigger_key))

client = pymem.process.module_from_name(pm.process_id, "client.dll")
player = client.base_address + dwLocalPlayer
in_crosshair = pm.read_int(player) + m_iCrosshairId
force_attack = client.base_address + dwForceAttack

while True:
r = pm.read_int(in_crosshair)

if keyboard.is_pressed(trigger_key):
if r > 0 and r <= 64: pm.write_int(force_attack, 5) time.sleep(0.01) pm.write_int(force_attack, 4) if __name__ == '__main__': main()

Requirements :

This is probably detected, only releasing for reference, if someone is trying to mess around with Python. No instructions either because it's not meant to be used like this.


Domino Uang Asli