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How to get DLC with HxD

Hello everyone, welcome to another one of my posts, today I’m going to be teaching everyone how to use HxD to obtain DLC in-game. Do keep in mind This is not Exclusives these are DLC that you would buy for more characters. although if you need to know how to get Exclusives then go ahead and click here.

Now onto the thread…

I realized, after a couple of people messaged me saying they wanted to know how to get DLC with HxD, that I mine as well just make a tutorial on how to do it so everyone can know themselves.


1. Download HxD along with all DLC ID’s

2. Install HxD and open the DLC ID’s.txt

3. Open HxD and open the .pak
pak. is located here: Steam>steamapps>common>Dead by Daylight>DeadByDaylight>Content>Paks

4. Once you have your .pak open in HxD and the .txt open, go to HxD and press CTRL+F
make your search options look like this:
Datatype: Text String
Search Direction: All
Don’t touch any of the other one’s, just these two.

5. Once you have the two options set within the Find option in HxD, copy and paste whatever DLC ID you want into the “Search for” bar and press Enter or Search. I don’t think I need an example for this.

6. Once HxD has found your ID look on the right side of your coding and you should see your ID number.

If you have no idea know what I mean, take a look at this picture:

You can see where I circled is where HxD should have searched and highlighted your ID. I can’t search for them as I already have done them all but you get my point, right?

7. Once you’ve found your ID replace it with the Last Breathe DLC ID (509060) and keep repeating the process until you’ve got all the DLC’s.

If you’ve used HxD before you’ll know that when you CTRL+S or Save it pops up with a “Creating backup” pop-up, just simply close it. It’s not needed. It will then ask you if you want to save, click yes.

Before you launch Dead by Daylight after you’ve edited everything with HxD, please be sure to install “Last Breathe” chapter onto your Steam Account, if its not then click CTRL+R or the Run option and type/copy & paste this in: steam://install/509060

If you like what I did, please leave a Thanks, I’d appreciate it and might give one back!

Thanks everyone for reading,
Family Guy out.


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