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Guide to Bloodpoint/Shrine Token/Item/Perk Hacking

Item and Bloodpoint hacking is a request that comes up way too often than not.

I decided to compile both into one post as well as covering some stuff that other guides do not.


  • This assumes you have at least basic Cheat Engine knowledge. This is flash-game hacking tier stuff.
  • Make sure you bypass EAC, you can read the post here for the indepth:

TLDR; Add DeadByDaylight.exe to outbound firewall and block, and remove EasyAntiCheat from Appdata/Roaming

  • If you are going to do the bloodpoint cheat, I recommend you have at least enough to buy something in your bloodweb, so if you’re empty, play a match, then do this.

The EAC bypass I linked allows you to hook Cheat Engine once before you have to repeat the step on deleting the EasyAntiCheat folder, because once you close the game, a new EasyAntiCheat folder is created.

You can test to see if this has worked by trying to join a lobby, if the DbD logo pops up and sends you back to your own lobby then it has worked, if lets you join other players, it has not worked.

Now, open up Cheat Engine and select DeadByDaylight.exe. Do a 4-byte first scan for however many bloodpoints you have, then buy something from your tree, type in the new value, and do a next scan. There should only be one address left, add it to your table and change the value to – at most – a million. (You can freeze the value however by simply clicking on the tickbox.)
Close the bloodweb screen, reopen it, try to buy something and your bloodpoints should now have updated.
THIS CAN ALSO BE APPLIED TO SHRINE TOKENS. I didn’t have enough to spend so I went through manually changing each address I found until I got the right one but I recommend you have enough shrine tokens to buy one teachable perk. Most changes require you to close and reload the loadout screen.

If this is as far as you want to go, congratulations, simply close the game, allow DeadByDaylight in your firewall again and the game should load to its previous state, only with your new bloodpoints.

A note before we start on this, I haven’t found a way to _add_ items, only _exchange_ them. Good news is, they’re universal so you can transfer unwanted offerings into purple items, or trade in 3 toolboxes for a level 3 perk for example.
Another note, if you want an item ID of an item you do not have, you can go into the Kill Your Friends lobby and search through there, as the game gives you all the perks, addons and offerings apart from ones that involve bloodpoint boosting.

To get started, do what we did before up to the point where DeadbyDaylight.exe is hooked in Cheat Engine. Go to your item screen of any selected survivor/killer and first remove something from the slot you wish to detect. For example, if you wanted to see what was in perk slot 1, make sure the slot is empty first. Then do an 8-byte first scan for “653”, this is the itemID for an empty slot. You will now add the item into the empty slot and you will notice a few values in the address list have changed. Their IDs should be around 70000, so ignore if you see one that’s up in the millions. But once you have the ID you are looking for, add it to notepad, congratulations, you found that item’s ID!

Repeat the steps and find the item ID for something you don’t want. For my example, I will replace a Toolbox (72216) with a Rainbow Map (72215).

Do a new scan and search for the item ID of the item you don’t want, so I’d search for 72216.
Every result that returns, add to your address list, and now there’s three things you can do here.

1) Change every ID to a rainbow map, this affects every character.
2) Manually search each address until you found the one corresponding to your character, any address that looks very similar may also be part of your character’s inventory, such as if you have more than one toolbox.
3) Look through the addresses for similarities. If I know my Bill character has 8 toolboxes for example, there should be 8 addresses that look very similar and should correspond to his inventory.

Don’t forget to close and reopen the loadout screen so it updates. You should see item changes.

Note however, to get different levels of perks, you will need to trade an item per level. For example, if I wanted a level 3 Urban Evasion, I’d need to exchange 3 offerings/items.

You can use old/outdated item lists but it requires a bit of basic maths and some work, because DbD’s item IDs have only been shifted rather than changed entirely. You can easily update older lists by finding an item ID and comparing it to it’s older ID, the order is still the same, so if the next ID in the list was Rainbow Map, it is still Rainbow Map. This may be incorrect, but it has worked for me without error.
I have also noticed that IDs shift up by one or down by one overtime, or it’s me noting them down wrong. If that’s the case, either find the ID again or just add/subtract one.

The only difficult IDs to obtain IMO are ones that involve bloodpoint boosts, as you need to get those in your web yourself before you are able to find their IDs.

This has been repeated many times before, I am aware. But I thought it’d be best to have the entire guide here with as much knowledge and helpful advice as I can put in that hasn’t been mentioned before.


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