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Ultra Core Protector - is the client-server anti-cheat freeware, for server protection from unscrupulous players.

Abilities Supported games  
Condition Zero
Counter-Strike 1.6
Day of Defeat
Adrenaline Gamer
Team Fortress Classic
Counter-Strike Source
MU Online
Ragnarok Online
Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
Adrenaline Gamer 2
Team Fortress 2
How to configure HTTP File Server for receiving screens from the players?

Download from here hfs.exe or official site .
Start the program, right click in the window "Virtual File System" and choose "Add folder from disk…".

Select the directory which will be folded screens, for example "c:\Screens" and click "ok".

In the resulting window "What kind of folder do you want" press "Real folder".

Then in the window "Virtual File System" appears directory "Screens", right-click on it and select "Upload" -> "Upload for accounts" -> "Anyone".

Everything is ready.

Config anti-cheat

ucp_upload_mode "HTTP"

ucp_upload_host "+"

ucp_upload_port "80"

ucp_upload_path " /Screens/ "


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