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Ultra Core Protector - is the client-server anti-cheat freeware, for server protection from unscrupulous players.

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Counter-Strike Source
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Team Fortress 2
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Counter-Strike: Source (short CS: S) is a computer game from the genre of online tactical shooter. It is a port of the popular predecessor, Counter-Strike on, developed by Valve’s Source graphics engine, which is also used in Half-Life 2 is used. Thus, the game graphics were more detailed and more realistic. In addition, events in the game world, such as falling over and rolling barrels or swinging cable cars and the like are represented realistic thanks to the use of the Havok physics engine.
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History of the Game

An Minh Le (“Gooseman”) and Jess Cliffe (“cliff”) led development team released the first beta version of Counter-Strike on 3 March 1999 as a free downloadable mod for Half-Life. Later the team was recruited by Valve and Counter-Strike distributed with version 1.0 as a stand-alone game. Version 1.6 is the latest version of Counter-Strike.As the official successor was Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, on 1 Appeared in March 2004 and was released with the same graphics engine improvements and light.Condition Zero reached a certain distribution, but not the popularity of the original Counter-Strike, since this is mostly just a graphical update negotiated and abandoned many players due to the need to get used and re-acquisition costs to a switch.
On 19 August 2004, the beta test for the successor to “Counter-Strike: Source”, with the official release on the Steam platform on 7 Ended in October 2004. ”CS: S” is an implementation of the Counter-Strike-principle to the new source graphics engine that was developed for Half-Life 2. The Havok physics engine, which was known already by games like Deus Ex 2, Painkiller and Far Cry is also used.
CS: S was on 16 November 2004, published in Half-Life 2 and was published in October 2005 in a new retail version, which is published by Valve, plus Day of Defeat: Source and Half-Life 2: Death Match contains.
On 19 January 2005 released Patch added bots for CS: S added so that the game will be after the Steam login on the Internet also played offline against computer controlled characters.

On 23 June 2010 published an update which the ego shooters ported to the latest version of the Source engine, which has already been used in games of “orange box”.Moreover, now playing on Mac OS X is possible.
Although the source version of Counter-Strike very popular, she meets with professional gamers to criticism. Especially the “blocking” by moving objects, such as, for example, boxes and tons of criticism, as it can get through the physics engine to not be influenced movements of the character, making an undesirable random effect. This flaw causes a lot of discontent, can however be switched off completely with the appropriate server configuration.
Another criticism is based on the fact that a large number of different types of graphics settings (from shadows on / off, lighting effects, high dynamic range rendering), the look of the game world can be influenced and thus players can gain an advantage. Online leagues such as ESL work here, he has regulations.
In addition, the lack of cheat control is criticized. While Valve Technology also developed the game with the second version of the “Valve Anti Cheat (VAC2) further, but it lacks the necessary momentum, as will new types of cheats are often not responding or very late. Independent developments such as Cheating Death for Counter-Strike: Source not yet been released.

Game content

As in Counter-Strike is a fight between two groups, the terrorists (T) and the counter-terrorists, a police special unit (CT), fought on the basis of a first-person shooter.
In the game there are two predefined scenarios: (engl. mitigate for) on so-called Defuse maps must be a bomb placed on a predetermined place and defused. In hostage-cards must rescue hostages rescued or their can be prevented. The community, however, has yet developed a large number of other scenarios, eg Surf Maps, zombie mod or mini-game.
There are also various extensions, eg the the turn-based system pick (Death Match).


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