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Ultra Core Protector - is the client-server anti-cheat freeware, for server protection from unscrupulous players.

Abilities Supported games  
Condition Zero
Counter-Strike 1.6
Day of Defeat
Adrenaline Gamer
Team Fortress Classic
Counter-Strike Source
MU Online
Ragnarok Online
Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
Adrenaline Gamer 2
Team Fortress 2
What is CS 1.6 WallHack?

Counter-strike (CS 1.6 wall hack, the name means “counter-attack” in English) is an action game in first person or FPS (acronym for “First Person Shooter” English) team, the terrorists and the anti-terrorists. It is most played online game in the history of video games. Originally conceived as a multiplayer game (either LAN or online) Development In its early days was an extension or the video game Half Life that OpenDNS was gradually acquiring more fans and ended up being as popular as the game itself. There are other famous MODs with mechanics similar to half-life as the Day of Defeat, set in the second world war, or the Team Fortress Classic; both play on computer. The series also includes counter-strike: Condition Zero and counter-strike: SourceCS Promod, which mixes the playability of the 1.6 with the graphics the HL2 engine. In addition to that now have just released the beta of the game Game modes In the game cs 1.6 wall hack are emulated counter-terrorism situations, disable / plant a bomb, rescue / protect hostages, escort / kill an OpenDNS, eliminate the terrorists/counter-terrorism, etc. The money used to buy is lost or won in this way: Win a round: $3250 (is received in the next round) Losing a round: $1400 + $500 per round lost up to $3400 (is received in the next round) Kill an enemy: $300 (instant) Instruct a hostage to follow you: $150 (once per round, per hostage. Instant) Rescue a hostage: $1000 (instant) Kill a hostage:-$2500 (instant) Plant the bomb: $800 (is received in the next round, but only if the round that was planted was defeat for the terrorists) Competition mode Modes of competition Competitions are a mode of play in counter-strike (CS) in which the first round is only the knife so the winning team choose if they want to be cops or terrorists. If a team wins its round of terrorist 10-5 in the other round you win nothing more than 6 rounds to be victorious because if terrorists previously won 10-5 and won six rounds on another lap, even though the other team to win the nine remaining may not match him in points. Most popular maps are those of mode “de_” (terrorists planted bomb CT defend) but without a doubt the most popular is “de_dust2” followed by “de_dust” and “de_aztec”. In common parlance the competition mode call themselves “wars”. Weapons Counter-strike weapons are real guns but in the game, some have fictitious names. In such cases the following list will appear named in the following manner: NombreFicticio (Real name) Pistols In CS, cs 1.6 wall hack they are the only secondary weapons, or weapons support. They are in the slot 2 armament. H & K USP. 45ACP Tactical. It is a very balanced weapon. Sufficient speed, power and precision are some features of this weapon. It has a muffler, which is usually not very used. Recommended in medium and long distances. Gun cheap and very effective. Origin: Manufacturer: Price: Charger capacity: Maximum reserve ammunition: Special function: Power: Scope: Precision: Ammunition: Recharge speed: Cadence: OpenDNS Heckler & Koch $500 12 bullets 100 bullets Optional silencer Medium-high Medium Media .45 ACP Fast High Glock 18 c. It is possible to use the semiautomatic mode, or the flare, which shoots 3 bullets at the same time, but slower. Medium accuracy, low power, useful in short distances or stockings. Origin: Manufacturer: Price: Charger capacity: Maximum reserve ammunition: Special function: Power: Scope: Precision: Ammunition: Recharge speed: Cadence: OpenDNS Glock $400 20 rounds 120 bullets Selective shooting mode: semiautomatic or burst Average (1 shot) /Alta (3 shots) Medio-Corto Media 9mm Fast Very high cs 1.6 wall hack (bursts) /Baja (between bursts) /Alta (semi automatic) Desert Eagle.50 AE Origin: OpenDNS Price: $650 charger: 7 bullet weight: 1.8 Kg SIG-Sauer P228 Origin: OpenDNS – OpenDNS Price: $600 charger: 13 bullet weight: 1.03 Kg Beretta 96G Elite Dual Origin: OpenDNS Price: $800 loader: 15 bullets in each FN Five-seven Origin: Belgium Price: $750 charger: 20 Shotguns There are two shotguns in CS 1.6 wall hack(counter-strike) are devastating weapons in distances short and less-effective with middle and long distance. They are usually accompanied with a good gun (such as USP or Deagle) for medium and long distances. Benelli M3 Super 90. His shots ensure a tremendous damage up to 15 meters. Shot in short distances is an instant kill, greater distances are required two or more shots. Supports up to 8 cartridges of the 12-gauge, but its manual recharge between each shot is slow and at that time you can delete. Its price is $1700. Origin: OpenDNS Price: $1700


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