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Ultra Core Protector - is the client-server anti-cheat freeware, for server protection from unscrupulous players.

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CSGO: Recreated player eye position for visuals

Welcome to my first thread fellow autists

Since the m_vecViewOffset netvar is not giving proper results whren it comes to other players I finally decided to do something against it for the sake of more proper aimtracers/bullettracers.
I am however not sure if something like this or even a more proper implementation has been posted yet, so i am sorry if all the kool kidz already have this sorted out

DISCLAIMER: I didnt reverse any binaries for this so the term recreated is really more of a clickbait than the truth, sorry folks.

This function is placed inside my player entity class:

Vector GetRecreatedEyePos()
const float flViewOffDucked = 46.044968f;
const float flViewOffStand = 64.062561f;

float flRecreatedViewOffset = flViewOffStand - ((flViewOffStand - flViewOffDucked) * GetPoseParameters()[8]);

Vector pos = GetAbsOrigin();
pos.z += flRecreatedViewOffset;
return pos;

and here is a shorter implementation of this inaccurate stuff:

Vector GetRecreatedEyePos()
Vector pos = GetAbsOrigin();
pos.z += 64.062561f - (18.017593f * GetPoseParameters()[8]);
return pos;

As you can see its not perfect i guess, but whatever, i recorded this with host_timescale 0.2 so you can notice it /shrug
(also dont hate me for the ugly ass aimtracers, they are 2 years old)

drew1ind#8957 for being appreciated during the whole process and thus giving me the mental strength to achieve this within about 5 minutes <3 @wlan for analyzing more ayyware "based" binaries than healthy my lack of motivation to fix stuff i personally dont use for delaying this for about a year Stay anime free.


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