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Ultra Core Protector - is the client-server anti-cheat freeware, for server protection from unscrupulous players.

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CSGO: LBY breaker not breaking all the time

void LowerBodyBreakerTest(CUserCmd* cmd, bool& bSendPacket)
static bool Update = true;
static float LastLBYUpdateTime = 0;

float server_time = g_LocalPlayer->m_nTickBase() * g_GlobalVars->interval_per_tick;

//Checks if LBY Updated
if (LastLBY != g_LocalPlayer->m_flLowerBodyYawTarget())
LastLBYUpdateTime = server_time;
LastLBY = g_LocalPlayer->m_flLowerBodyYawTarget();


//Checks if LBY will update or not
if (LastLBYUpdateTime + 1.1 - OutgoingLatency() < server_time) { Update = true; LastLBYUpdateTime += 1.1; } else Update = false; QAngle Fake; QAngle Real; Real.yaw = g_LocalPlayer->m_flLowerBodyYawTarget() + 180.f; //+90
Fake.yaw = g_LocalPlayer->m_flLowerBodyYawTarget();
//pitch stuff

if (g_LocalPlayer->m_vecVelocity().Length2D() > 0.1)Real = Fake;

//If LBY updates, sets angle back to LBY
if (Update)
Real.yaw = g_LocalPlayer->m_flLowerBodyYawTarget() + flrand(-10.f, 10.f);
bSendPacket = true;
cmd->viewangles = Real;
//if LBY doesn't update, sets fake & real angles
if (cPackets < 10) { cmd->viewangles = Real;
bSendPacket = false;
cmd->viewangles = Fake;
bSendPacket = true;
cPackets = 0;


So this is working on my local server. But if I go to a HVH server, sometimes LBY just keeps flipping with its inverse. And it’s annyoing, since it’s not breaking it.
I’ve been struggling with this issue for a day now, and I can’t resolve it :/

I tried commenting my code for better understanding tho.


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