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Ultra Core Protector - is the client-server anti-cheat freeware, for server protection from unscrupulous players.

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CSGO: aimbot + rcs issue

I am trying to have built in rcs with my aimbot, it worked fine but now I am trying to make the rcs will show clientsided as well but my smoothing seems to break it.

Where im setting my aimbot angles:

QAngle ViewAngles;
QAngle ToChange = Smooth(AimbotTargetAngle, ViewAngles);
QAngle Final = ViewAngles + ToChange;
pCmd->viewangles = Final;
if (g_LocalPlayer->m_iShotsFired() > 1)
pCmd->viewangles -= g_LocalPlayer->m_aimPunchAngle() * 2.f;


QAngle Smooth(QAngle finalangle, QAngle viewangles)
float smooth, targetsmooth = 0.0f;

auto pWeapon = g_LocalPlayer->m_hActiveWeapon();

if (!pWeapon) return viewangles;

if (pWeapon->IsPistol()) targetsmooth = g_Options.pistol_aimbot_smoothness;
else if (pWeapon->IsRifle()) targetsmooth = g_Options.rifle_aimbot_smoothness;
else if (pWeapon->IsSniper()) targetsmooth = g_Options.sniper_aimbot_smoothness;
else if (pWeapon->IsShotgun()) targetsmooth = g_Options.shotgun_aimbot_smoothness;
else if (pWeapon->IsSMG()) targetsmooth = g_Options.smg_aimbot_smoothness;

QAngle delta = finalangle - viewangles;
if (targetsmooth > 0.0f) smooth = powf(targetsmooth, 0.4f);
else if (targetsmooth <= 0.0f) smooth = powf(0.0001f, 0.4f); smooth = std::min(0.99f, smooth); QAngle toChange = delta - delta * smooth; return toChange; }


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