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Ultra Core Protector - is the client-server anti-cheat freeware, for server protection from unscrupulous players.

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CSGO: Backtrack Triggerbot

Hello. Here is a simple backtrack triggerbot. It shoots not only when your crosshair is at enemy, but also when it’s on one of the enemy’s previous records. It should be pretty obvious how it looks so I didn’t bothered making video. Call in CreateMove.

static std::optional GetIntersectionPoint(const Vector& start, const Vector& end, const Vector& mins, const Vector& maxs, float radius)
auto sphereRayIntersection = [start, end, radius](auto&& center) -> std::optional
auto direction = (end - start).Normalize();

auto q = center - start;
auto v = q.DotProduct(direction);
auto d = radius * radius - (q.LengthSqr() - v * v);

if (d < FLT_EPSILON) return {}; return start + direction * (v - std::sqrt(d)); }; auto delta = (maxs - mins).Normalize(); for (size_t i{}; i < std::floor(mins.Dist(maxs)); ++i) { if (auto intersection = sphereRayIntersection(mins + delta * float(i)); intersection) return intersection; } if (auto intersection = sphereRayIntersection(maxs); intersection) return intersection; return {}; } static std::optional GetTargetRecord(CEntity* entity, const Vector& start, const Vector& end)
auto hdr = Interfaces::ModelInfo->GetStudioModel(entity->GetModel());
if (!hdr)
return {};

auto set = hdr->GetHitboxSet(0);
if (!set)
return {};

for (auto& record : LagCompensation.GetRecordsForEntity(entity))
for (size_t i{}; i < set->numhitboxes; ++i)
auto hitbox = set->GetHitbox(i);
if (!hitbox || hitbox->radius == -1.f)

Vector mins, maxs;
VectorTransform(hitbox->bbmin, record.matrix[hitbox->bone], mins);
VectorTransform(hitbox->bbmax, record.matrix[hitbox->bone], maxs);

if (auto intersection = GetIntersectionPoint(start, end, mins, maxs, hitbox->radius); intersection)
Ray_t ray;
CGameTrace trace;
CTraceFilter filter;

filter.pSkip = CEntity::GetLocalPlayer();
ray.Init(start, *intersection);

Interfaces::Trace->TraceRay(ray, MASK_SHOT | CONTENTS_GRATE, &filter, &trace);
if (!trace.DidHit()) //position isn't behind wall
return record;

return {};

void BacktrackTrigger(CUserCmd* cmd)
auto local = CEntity::GetLocalPlayer();
auto weapon = local->GetWeapon();
auto data = weapon->GetWeaponData();

Vector viewangles;
Vector start = local->GetEyePos();
Vector end;


AngleVectors(viewangles + local->GetAimPunch(), &end);
end = start + (end * data->range);

for (size_t i{}; i <= Interfaces::GlobalVars->maxClients; ++i)
auto entity = Interfaces::EntityList->GetClientEntity(i);
if (!entity || !entity->IsEnemy() || !entity->GetHealth() || entity->IsDormant() || entity->IsImmune())

if (auto record = GetTargetRecord(entity, start, end); record)
if (!data->full_auto)
if (cmd->tick_count % 2) cmd->buttons |= IN_ATTACK;
else cmd->buttons &= ~IN_ATTACK;
else cmd->buttons |= IN_ATTACK;

//backtrack your target entity


Credits: @superdoc1234 for ray capsule intersection algorithm.

EDIT: C++17 compiler is required due to usage of optional and if with initializers.