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CSGO: Skin changer ffs

Hello ayy another shitty skin changer post, but! dont go!

now im gonna explain my problem, my problem is when i run my func to apply my knivvvv skin the skin doesnt update!

When i use another code that does the same thing it works… like wtf

can someone explain me why is this thing happening i got this problem for 4+ hours pls helperino

now for some good information!

my model code:

void SkinChanger::ApplyCustomWeaponModel(C_BaseAttributableItem* Weapon) {

const char* WeaponMdl = g_MdlInfo->GetModelName(Weapon->GetModel());

//Check if the weapon mdl is registered
if (SkinCfg.ModelsChanger.find(WeaponMdl) != SkinCfg.ModelsChanger.end()) {
//Get custom model index
int CustomModelIndex = g_MdlInfo->GetModelIndex(SkinCfg.ModelsChanger[WeaponMdl].c_str());

Utils::ConsolePrint("Found A Registered Model!");
//Set model custom index
//Weapon->m_nModelIndex() = CustomModelIndex;

C_BaseViewModel* pViewModel = (C_BaseViewModel*)g_EntityList->GetClientEntityFromHandle(g_LocalPlayer->m_hViewModel());
if (!pViewModel) return;

C_BaseCombatWeapon* ViewModelWeapon = (C_BaseCombatWeapon*)g_EntityList->GetClientEntityFromHandle(pViewModel->m_hWeapon());
if (!ViewModelWeapon) return;
//Check if the weapon is the same in viewmodel
if (ViewModelWeapon != Weapon) return;
//Get View Model Name
const char* ViewMdlName = g_MdlInfo->GetModelName(pViewModel->GetModel());
//Check if the Model is registered
if (SkinCfg.ModelsChanger.find(ViewMdlName) != SkinCfg.ModelsChanger.end()) {
//Get The registered custom model index
int CustomModelIndex = g_MdlInfo->GetModelIndex(SkinCfg.ModelsChanger[ViewMdlName].c_str());

Utils::ConsolePrint("Found a Registered model in hand! Changing to Suposted model!");
//Set the custom model index
pViewModel->m_nModelIndex() = CustomModelIndex;

and heres the code that works:

void ApplyCustomKnifeModel(const char* MdlName, CBaseCombatWeapon* Weapon) {

CBaseEntity* Player = Hacks.LocalPlayer;
int ModelIndex = Interfaces.g_pModelInfo->GetModelIndex(MdlName);


CBaseViewModel* pViewModel = (CBaseViewModel*)Interfaces.pEntList->GetClientEntityFromHandle((HANDLE)Player->GetViewModel());

if (!pViewModel)

CBaseCombatWeapon* ViewModelWeapon = (CBaseCombatWeapon*)Interfaces.pEntList->GetClientEntityFromHandle((HANDLE)pViewModel->GetWeapon());

if (ViewModelWeapon != Weapon)


i dont use the code that works because i want to make the change model universal like i could change my ak47 model or something like that…

pls responderino and thenks for help.


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