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CS: Help с++ vgui open panel Options cs 1.6

Hello friends, help me please in c++ and sorry my bad english.
I`am using VGUI for cs 1.6 and I can not duplicate call in GameMenu panel Options there video, mouse change name and other…
I want to make a software call, but the problem with calling this panel.

In cs 1.6 game it is caused so:

"label" "#GameUI_GameMenu_Options"
"command" "OpenOptionsDialog"

In source I try so, I’m looking for a descriptor:

IGameUI* g_pGameUI = nullptr;
vgui::IPanel* g_pIPanel = nullptr;
vgui::ISurface* g_pISurface = nullptr;
vgui::IEngineVGui* g_pIEngineVGui = nullptr;
CreateInterfaceFn GameUI_Factory = CaptureFactory("gameui.dll");
g_pIPanel = (vgui::IPanel*)(CaptureInterface(VGUI_Factory, VGUI_PANEL_INTERFACE_VERSION));
RootPanel = g_pIEngineVGui->GetPanel(vgui::PANEL_ROOT);
ClientPanel =g_pIEngineVGui->GetPanel(vgui::PANEL_CLIENTDLL);
GameUIPanel = g_pIEngineVGui->GetPanel(vgui::PANEL_GAMEUIDLL);

I look at the number of children:
int sum;
sum = g_pIPanel->GetChildCount(GameUIPanel);
g_pConsole->DPrintf("GameUIPanel: %i\n", sum);// count=2

sum = g_pIPanel->GetChildCount(RootPanel);
g_pConsole->DPrintf("RootPanel: %i\n", sum);// count=6

sum = g_pIPanel->GetChildCount(ClientPanel);
g_pConsole->DPrintf("ClientPanel: %i\n", wide);// count=12

after I try to call on the index
g_pIPanel->GetChild(GameUIPanel,9 );

and there is no result that I’m not doing this, how to call this panel,tried to activate the module through:
g_pIVGuiModuleLoader = (IVGuiModuleLoader)(CaptureInterface(GameUI_Factory, VGUIMODULELOADER_INTERFACE_VERSION));

…does not work, tell me what my mistake please


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