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Ultra Core Protector - is the client-server anti-cheat freeware, for server protection from unscrupulous players.

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3 signs you are ready to work for yourself

Trying to decide whether it is time for you to branch out by yourself and leave the world of employment behind is challenging, especially if you have responsibilities like a family or a mortgage. 

Indeed, while there are many advantages to self-employment, you cannot escape the fact that you are likely to be more stressed, struggle to earn as much as you were before (at least at first), and that's because the burden of responsibility is shifted to you.

Of course, these difficulties don’t go unnoticed, which is why individuals who are specialist freelancers or business owners are often far wealthier in the long run than those who choose to remain in full-time employment. 

This is why it takes time to be sure as to whether you are ready to go it alone. 

Thankfully, there are certain instincts or signs that indicate that you would be better off working for yourself.

Here are three signs to look out for:

You want to dictate your own workload

The first sign that indicates you want to work for yourself is if you are eager to dictate your own workload.

Many jobs give you no control over how much work you have, who you work with and when you complete the work. Put simply, there is no independence. 

This indicates that you would suit freelance work, such as managing truck loads, which allows you to work for yourself

You are lacking focus or drive in your current work environment

Another key indicator is if you are lacking the necessary focus or motivation in your current job, which may be linked to the type of work environment you find yourself in. 

The underlying reason for this lack of mojo could be that you don’t have enough meaning in your career. Far from being a wishy-washy sentiment, meaning drives everything humans do, from starting a family to earning a living.

If your current job doesn’t stimulate or interest you enough, it may be that you want to seek your true calling elsewhere - either as a specialist freelancer or a business owner

You aren’t at your best when you are taking orders

A further sign that you are ready to work for yourself is if you detest taking orders from others. 

This is not to say you dismiss orders because you feel above them - this is a sign of arrogance or elitism - only that you feel ready to be the one making the orders, rather than taking them.


There is a reason why all entrepreneurs are independent thinkers, ill-suited to life as an employee, and if this sounds like you, then you may find your true potential by working for yourself. 

Closing thoughts

To summarize, you need to think long and hard before branching out on your own, especially if you need to provide for others.

However, you cannot ignore nature, and if you are at a stage of your career where you would be better off building your own business, then do not dismiss the tell-tale signs. Take action, and you are unlikely to look back.


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