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Ultra Core Protector - is the client-server anti-cheat freeware, for server protection from unscrupulous players.

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Hooked sceneend chams but crashes when i load map

Hres the code etc idk why the fuck it crashes xd its ayy

The hook

oscene_end = (SceneEnd_t)VMTRenderView.HookMethod((DWORD)&hkSceneEnd, 9);

on function typedefs

typedef void(__thiscall* SceneEnd_t)(void*);

on pointers to originals

SceneEnd_t oscene_end;

on hook function prototypes

void __stdcall hkSceneEnd(void* edx);

and finally

heres the code

void __stdcall hkSceneEnd(void* edx)

for (int i = 1; i <= Interfaces::EntList->GetHighestEntityIndex(); ++i) {
auto entity = Interfaces::EntList->GetClientEntity(i);
if (!entity) continue;
static IMaterial* mat = CreateMaterial(true);

if (mat) {
entity->DrawModel2(STUDIO_RENDER, 255);

if (Menu::Window.VisualsTab.OtherFakeChams.GetState()) {
IClientEntity *pLocal = Interfaces::EntList->GetClientEntity(Interfaces::Engine->GetLocalPlayer());
if (pLocal)
static IMaterial* norm = CreateMaterial(false, true, false);
if (norm)
Vector3D OrigAng;
OrigAng = pLocal->GetEyeAngles();
pLocal->SetAngle2(Vector3D(0, pLocal->GetLowerBodyYaw(), 0)); // paste here ur AA.y value or pLocal->GetLby() (for example)
bool LbyColor = false; // u can make LBY INDICATOR. When LbyColor is true. Color will be Green , if false it will be White
float NormalColor[3] = { 1, 1, 1 };
float lbyUpdateColor[3] = { 0, 1, 0 };
Interfaces::RenderView->SetColorModulation(LbyColor ? lbyUpdateColor : NormalColor);
pLocal->DrawModel(STUDIO_RENDER, 255);
} . Graeme Holm . . Plumbers in Reading